Find below Elastomers comparison table.

Abbreviation 1)Chemical CompoundGeneral CharacteristicsUsageOperating Temperature (°C)Density (g/cm3)Elongation at Break (%)Tensile Strength2) (N/mm2)
BRButadiene rubberHigh wear resistanceTires, belts, V-belts-60 … +900.944502 (18)
CCOEpichlorohydrin gumVibration dampening, oil and petrol resistantGaskets, heat-resistant shock and vibration dampers-30 … +1201.2725011 (25)
CRChloroprene rubber Neoprene rubberOil and acid resistant, very flammableGaskets, hoses, V-belts-30 … +1101.2540011 (25)
CSMChlorosulfone polyethylene rubberAging and atmospheric resistant, oil resistantInsulating material, castings, films-30 … +1201.2530018 (20)
EPDMEthylene propylene rubberGood electrical insulator, non-oil and gasoline resistantGaskets, profiles, buffers, cold water hoses-50 … +1200.865004 (25)
EKMFluoro rubberAbrasion resistant, best heat resistanceAircraft and automotive industry, shaft seals, O-rings-10 … +1901.854502 (15)
IIRIsobutene isoprene rubberAtmospheric and ozone resistantCable insulation, car hoses-30 … +1200.936005 (21)
IRIsoprene rubberLow oil resistance, high strengthTruck tires, spring elements-60 … +600.935001 (24)
NBRAcrylonitrile butadiene rubberAbrasion resistant, oil and gasoline resistantElectrical conductors, O-rings, hydraulic hoses, shaft seals, end seals-20 … +1101.004506 (25)
NRNatural rubber Isoprene rubberLow oil resistance, high strengthTruck tires, spring elements-60 … +700.9360022 (27)
PURPolyurethane rubberElastic, wear-resistantTiming belts, gaskets, clutch sleeves-30 … +1001.2545020 (30)
SIRStyrene isoprene rubberGood electrical insulator, water repellentO-rings, spark plug covers, block head gaskets, interface gaskets-80 … +1801.25250(8)
SBRStyrene Butadiene RubberLow oil and gasoline resistanceTires, hoses, cable covers-30 … +800.945005 (25)

1) DIN ISO 1629 (1992-03).

2) Value in brackets = elastomer reinforced with additive or filler.