Mesh belts

Mesh belts are custom-made from a variety of materials and are used for conveying air, water, or other materials/radiation through the surface of the belt.

Our mesh belts come in several types, including:

  • Teflon mesh belts: These are commonly used in printing equipment, UV dryers, and the food industry. The endless tape is made of Teflon fabric, and more than thirty aggregation methods are used depending on the specific application. The advantages of Teflon mesh belts are good temperature tolerance of up to 240°C and the fact that parts do not stick to the material.
  • Plastic mesh belts: These are used in the food industry to wash out or remove unwanted substances. Mesh belts are made from various plastics and metals, and are joined using braiding and rod connection methods.
  • Metal mesh belts: These are commonly used in furnaces across various industries, and offer good temperature tolerance and durability depending on the type of metal used. Different types of metal mesh belts are available to suit specific requirements.
  • Hybrid mesh belts: These are made by interweaving metal and plastic, and are designed to suit specific conditions of the conveyor system.

At Tootmisdetail OÜ, we offer a range of mesh belts for various industries, including custom solutions tailored to your specific needs. Contact us today to learn more about our mesh belt offerings.